The fact that both residents and also visitors of the Danube region like to have fun, is evidenced by a number of cultural events organized by individual municipalities.

One of the biggest cultural and social events in the region are Komárno Days that attract tens of thousands of people to the city. The main content of the event, which will culminate on May 1, the local concerts, but also nationally known bands and singers from Slovakia and Hungary, theatrical performances, various sports activities for children historical tours and of course a gourmet ingredient.

Enjoying immense popularity of the local two-day festival Lake up by the shores of the Apali lake brings popular musicians from Slovakia and Hungary

Popular events include The Western Race held in September in Iža. Experienced riders race in various disciplines. The event usually offers all-day activities for children. On the turn of April and May in Iža belongs to The Riding Days.

A three-day International Festival of American Cars, which come from all over Europe to the Hungarian town of Komárom. The traditional period for this event is the beginning of August and part of the festival is also a parade in the city streets.


The village of Kravany nad Dunajom in May offers a cultural event called The May Day. Retro event reaches the visitors also by domestic concerts, delicious homemade specialties and craft production. Enthusiasts of couchette bicycles on the same dates come to the village. In Štúrovo they recently decided to renew the tradition of the 1950’s – AquaPhone. Maria Valeria Bridge between Štúrovo and Esztergom was damaged after World War II and there was no other connection between the families than messaging over water. In June, on both banks musicians come together and create special performance which brings back a reminder of power of messaging over the Danube.

If you come to Moča in early July, you’ll enjoy Days of Friendship Bridge, in August is held Burčiak Festival. Both events have enjoyed a great popularity in the region.

Visitors to the region enjoy the local markets and fairs, which are held in the cities of Komárno and Štúrovo in the spring and before Christmas holidays. The air is soaked with the smells of sausage, artists and sellers of various artistic and practical goods fill up the streets, and everywhere is a good mood.


Komárno – Komárno days (April-May);

Iža – Riding Day (April-May);

Kravany nad Dunajom – The May Day (May);

Meeting of couchette bicycles enthusiasts in Slovakia (May)

Podunajsko – Spring wine cellars opening (June);

Štúrovo – Aquaphone on the Danube (June);

Kravany nad Dunajom – In vino veritas (June);

Moča – Days of Friendship Bridge (July);

Komárno – Komárno Summer (July-August);

Štúrovo – Štúrovo Musical Summer (July-August);

Kravany nad Dunajom – Canoe tourism (August);

Moča – Burčiak Festival (August);

Kravany nad Dunajom – Fishery Festival (September);

Cyclomarathon of Kravany nad Dunajom – Lábatlan (HU) (September)

Mužla – The Harvest Festival (September);

Štúrovo – Šimon Júda’s market (october);

Komárno – Ondrej’s Fair (November);

Štúrovo – Chrstmas market (December);