The Danube Region is mostly characterized by its nature, particularly water sports such as rafting on the river Danube and Váh, water tourism and fishing.


Danube Bike Route, which is also suitable for skaters and runners, significantly contributes to expand sports activities in an appropriate manner.



Tourists can enrich their sport activities and exploring the beautiful region of The Danube Region through hiking, horse riding and other activities such as golf, archery, beach volleyball, tennis, aqua-aerobics, water cycling and boating.


Komárno and Štúrovo offers Street Workout Parks for those who do not have the time, desire, or enough money for traditional gym. Trend of exercising in the open air in recent years gained huge popularity and is not only popular among active athletes, but also beginners. The park also includes instruction signs providing information on exercises and their difficulty for those who are just starting to exercise.