Although The Danube Region is not one of the large regions, it offers a number of thermal springs to its residents and tourists. Here we can find a trio of recreational swimming pools with interesting and healing thermal springs. Swimming pools in Komárno, Štúrovo and Wellness and Summer Thermal Spa Patince all help people improve their health.


Already in the 13th century the locals “soaked” themselves in the local thermal waters in Patince. Documents even mention their popularity among Roman soldiers in the 1st and 2nd Century! The famous Slovak polymath Matej Bel described these springs and soon the first spa was built here by aristocrats.


Today, Wellness Hotel Patince benefits from this natural gift, which is one of the most demanded destinations in the area. Thermal water in Patince has beneficial effects on our locomotor system. Wells are drilled to a depth of about 170-180 meters, reaching temperatures nearly 27°C. One of the wells supplies the pools, another one supplies the small lake and a third supplies the big lake suitable for boating.


During the summer in Wellness Hotel Patince there are ten pools and four water slides of different levels. In addition to traditional external spa with swimming pools, beaches and water slides, in a four-star resort visitors can enjoy an indoor, all-year waters of the local water world, with many massage elements, relaxing and swimming zones. The complex provides accommodation with various standards and a range of activities including a wide offer of massages or spa and beauty care.

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In the town Štúrovo there are three hot springs. Thermal water is “drilled” from the earth by pump at a depth of 6-7 meters using it to operate the pools where the water has temperature of about 30°C. The total mineralization is 0.80g/l and has beneficial effects on the locomotor system and allergic skin disorders.

Has it ever happened to you that you could not decide which water slide are you going to use this time? In Vadaš Thermal Resort it is very likely to happen! When you climb all the way up on the water slide platform, you can enter four roller coaster water slides whereas you have already left two of them behind you. With all-day water slide ticket you can slide how much you wish.


But this is not the only attraction that Štúrovo thermal pools have to offer. Among the rope park, beach and non-beach sports, aquazorbing, or even fishing at a nearby lake everyone will find his/her favorite.


Residents of the region’s most populous city like to go bath in the waters of the rivers Danube and Váh, which encircle Komárno and pour into one stream.


In case they want to avoid river water, they reach out for the local thermal spa, which is a popular destination especially in summer months. It draws from the spring found by drillers in 1967 drillers at a depth of 1,224 meters and reaches temperatures up to 54°C and yields about 17 liters per second. Komárno’s two springs have beneficial effects on the joint, rheumatic and women’s health issues, sore tendons, states in the aftermath of an acute inflammatory disease of the nervous system and more.


Sitting thermal pools stretch in the open air as well as under the roof. Besides these Komárno offers thermal pool and swimming and non-swimming pool, training pool, pool for children and a number of recreational and sports activities for families and young people, a Finnish sauna and recently also an infrared sauna. Thermal water is suitable for recreational purposes.

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