Unofficial king of the Danube tourism is wine! Local wine producers with their tasty beverages make multiple cultural events in the region pleasant. Wine alleys visited by both small and large wine producers are very popular.


Vineyards stretch around local slopes usually facing the south, southeast or southwest with the slope inclination of up to 16°. Soils are usually loamy or loam-sandy. Vineyards of The Danube Region are Slovakia’s warmest winery area. Dry climate, hot summers and mild winters ensure unique conditions for winegrowing. There is an average of 2,000 to 2,200 hours of sunshine per year and therefore the wines of The Danube Region have very high sugar content. That is one of the reasons of high quality, attributive wines.


Wine is usually the centerpiece of various events. Thirty vintners from the southern Slovakia winery region attend the spring open wine cellars, mainly from Hurbanovo, Strekov and from Štúrovo winery area.

Popular are events like Danube Wine Route, Wine Parade in Komárno and Strekov Festival

of Wines. This one usually takes place in July. Motto of the festival “Free Republic of Wine” is a metaphor that is supposed to highlight the values unchangeable in time, internally free and resistant to shallow fashion trends. Strekov Festival salutes the vineyards, the tradition, hard work and continuity of life. The festival is associated wuth cultural performances and culinary experience.

You can even experience the magic of Danube wine cellars and the amazing wine thanks to the Association of Enthusiastic Winemakers of the village of Mužla.